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Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mercedes are just a few of the import vehicles we specialize in each and every day in Anchorage.

Let us give your imported car, truck, or SUV the care and attention it deserves Alaska!

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Specialized Import Auto Service

When you need imported car repair and maintenance in Anchorage, AK, you need a company you can put your trust in. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of every vehicle. But we do. We provide auto services to people just like you throughout the Eagle River and Anchorage area every day. Don't take chances with your vehicle. Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes and other import vehicles are our focus, each and every day. Let us give your imported car, truck, or SUV the care and attention it deserves! From proper tire inflation to oil and lubrication jobs, all the way up the ladder, we're here to provide whatever service and maintenance you need! In fact, we've developed a great reputation as the best import car service team in all of the Eagle River and Anchorage area. Come see us today, and we can help you establish a routine maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle running at peak performance for years to come!

We specialize in Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Hyundai, Mercedes, and other imported cars and trucks.

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1218 W International Airport Road  Anchorage, AK 99518
Phone: (907) 562-0005
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Take a look at our overwhelmingly positive auto repair and maintenance reviews.

I love these guys. JT is as good as they get. He comes up with ways to get the job done that don't cost you an arm, leg and first born. These guys I would recommend to anyone who asks.

Alex S. Anchorage, AK

This place is amazing!!!! They have taken care of my car, given me great deals and are also so very nice. Please give them a try....that are a great place to take your car. 

Keri Rheinfrank Anchorage, AK

I'm an owner of a 2006 BMW 530xi sport wagon. Originally went to dealer to deduce and fix front end clunking noise. Received an "action plan" identifying front left & right sway bar links and control arm bushings w/ a corresponding estimate of $672 to repair [among other items with the alarming term of 'FAIL' associated with them that totaled $3968.46 on top of the $672]. After paying $100 just for dealer "action plan", I wanted a second opinion. Brought vehicle to Specialized Import Auto Service. They looked into sway bar link and control arm bushings and found they did not need full replacement. Specialized replaced only items needed, but more significantly, they accurately identified and fixed the clunking noise problem, which was actually the result of and associated w/ work previously done by dealer. Total charge for the latter was only $98 -- one hour shop labor. They are friendly, efficient, straightforward, knowledgeable and honest. Both counter service personnel and mechanics are clearly working to repair your vehicle without gouging you, the customer. I would highly recommend them for your import vehicle, including BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, and Subaru. 

Luke Dorough Anchorage, AK

I'm so glad to have found these guys! My Cv axel went out and I took my car to the dealership to get checked out. My experience there was less than ideal and I was quoted over $900 to get it fixed and 7-10 business days. My husband decided to call around and remembered a great experience he had with these guys in the past. They were able to get my car in, get it fixed, and change my oil for a fraction of the cost and in about 24 hours! They saved us time and money. They are skilled, honest, knowledgeable mechanics. Going forward they are the only team I want working on my vehicles.

Gaby B. Anchorage, AK