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The Specialized Import Auto team is very conscientious and customer service oriented. I recently experienced a transmission issue with my Toyota Tundra. The team replaced my transmission under warranty. I was simply amazed with Specialized's professionalism and ethics. You don't find a company like this very often. I am a repeat customer and highly recommend them to all my friends.  
Todd C.
Great fast service, they were able to look at my car and let me know what was going on promptly. They maintained great communication with me about options for fixing my vehicle and did everything they could to help me out. They also have one of the most reasonable labor rates that I have seen in town. We will definitely return. 
Joshua T.
Best recommendation my friend has ever given me! Jerry always takes care of me! It's become a family shop to me! :) super impressed!
Leann S.

Jerry (counter guy) is the face of the shop and he does an outstanding job! Always answered the phone and covered my questions in detail so I understood everything. (I am not a car engine guy!) I always felt like they were being straight shooters and gave an honest/fair appraisal. Good guys! 

Shawn W.

I love these guys. J.T. is as good as they get. He comes up with ways to get the job done that don't cost you an arm, leg and first born. These guys I would recommend to anyone who asks.

Alex S. Anchorage, AK

I'm so glad to have found these guys! My Cv axel went out and I took my car to the dealership to get checked out. My experience there was less than ideal and I was quoted over $900 to get it fixed and 7-10 business days.
My husband decided to call around and remembered a great experience he had with these guys in the past. They were able to get my car in, get it fixed, and change my oil for a fraction of the cost and in about 24 hours! They saved us time and money. They are skilled, honest, knowledgeable mechanics. Going forward they are the only team I want working on my vehicles.

Gaby B. Anchorage, AK

I just moved to Anchorage from Fairbanks and my 2001 Subaru Forester needed some work. This shop was highly recommended to me by a couple of long-time customers.

The shop exceeded my expectations- everything from making the appointment to speaking about the service needed to picking up my car-the customer service was top notch. Lucas and JT were honest, informative and helpful, the service was quick, affordable and thorough (without doing work that was not needed). I truly feel like they treated my car as if it were their own vehicle.

Car problems are always stressful, but in the future when something inevitably goes wrong with my aging car (currently 190,000+miles) I am so happy/relieved to know I have a great shop to go to--and with their help, I'll easily make it to 300,000 miles.

Thanks for everything Specialized Import Auto Service Inc.!

Lacie S. Anchorage, AK
I am a visitor to Anchorage and needed advice on a minor repair on a rental car. James Trueblood immediately responded when I pulled into his shop.  He brought his cell so he would not miss messages, came out and got right down to business, knowing what to do and not hesitant to "get his hands dirty" in fixing up the car so it was perfect.  He was courteous, helpful, knew how to fix the problem and did it himself!  Amazing service.  Amazing guy.  I left knowing there were still unselfish, knowledgeable and "nice" guys still in business.  Anchorage is lucky to have him.
Mark L. San Diego,CA

My wife and I were on a long distance trip (from Pennsylvania) to Alaska traveling more than 4,000 miles from home in August / September of 2014  when our 1996 Toyota Corolla unexpectedly experienced serious brake line leakage problems.  The Toyota dealer in Anchorage could not obtain parts to replace the brake / gas line -- explaining the car was more than 10 years old, and that some one would need to have the expertise to fabricate the replacement parts -- that some one turned out to be J.T. James Trueblood of Specialized Import Auto Service.

J.T. provided extraordinary customer service at an extremely fair price - dropping his other ongoing mechanic work since we were more or less stranded far from home without properly functioning brakes.  He is likely the best auto mechanic in Alaska taking the time and patience to fabricate the replacement brake / gas line (and he also fixed the muffler). J.T. obviously takes pride in this craftsmanship, and I can readily state that you can not go wrong with the service provided at Specialized Import Auto Service.  (Also thanks to his other staff such as Lucas who provide valuable support service.) J.T. is an honest true master mechanic.

David T. Camp Hill, PA
I'm an owner of a 2006 BMW 530xi sport wagon. Originally went to dealer to deduce and fix front end clunking noise. Received an "action plan" identifying front left & right sway bar links and control arm bushings w/ a corresponding estimate of $672 to repair [among other items with the alarming term of 'FAIL' associated with them that totaled $3968.46 on top of the $672]. After paying $100 just for dealer "action plan", I wanted a second opinion. Brought vehicle to Specialized Import Auto Service. They looked into sway bar link and control arm bushings and found they did not need full replacement. Specialized replaced only items needed, but more significantly, they accurately identified and fixed the clunking noise problem, which was actually the result of and associated w/ work previously done by dealer. Total charge for the latter was only $98 -- one hour shop labor. They are friendly, efficient, straightforward, knowledgeable and honest. Both counter service personnel and mechanics are clearly working to repair your vehicle without gouging you, the customer. I would highly recommend them for your import vehicle, including BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, and Subaru.
Luke D. Anchorage, AK
This place is amazing!!!! They have taken care of my car, given me great deals and are also so very nice. Please give them a try....that are a great place to take your car.
Keri R. Anchorage, AK

Friendly, cost-effective, and honest. The mechanics here have actually recommended against having certain work done when it wasn't needed. Specialized Auto has reasonable prices and provides excellent customer service. And their waiting-room coffee is drinkable. They've done little, proactive things like check a low tire for leaks and replace an air filter.

Miranda S.

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