Best Auto Repair Anchorage

Best Auto Repair in Anchorage

Repair and maintenance of imported Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Lexus and other vehicles is what we're all about!


Specialized Import Auto Service is the best auto repair in Anchorage. Bring your import vehicle to the specialists. We service and repair all import makes and models, cars, trucks and SUV's.

best auto repair anchorage

Best Auto Repair in Anchorage

With such a wide variety of imported vehicles, you'd think that proper auto maintenance was best handled by your dealership. But that can be expensive, especially in Alaska! When it comes to maintenance in Eagle River and Anchorage, we're here to provide you with the quick and affordable auto repair and maintenance service you need!

Whether it's a Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Lexus or another import vehicle, we can take care of them all! Our maintenance specialists are trained and ready to take care of all of your needs, right here in Anchorage!

When you need maintenance on your import, we can take care of it.

Our car maintenance technicians are factory trained and ASE certified to handle any of your imported car issues, and we're ready to serve you today! Come see us in Anchorage and save money! Benefit from our invaluable experience working primarily on imported vehicles!


Best Auto Repair in Anchorage, That's us!

Best Auto Repair in Anchorage

Our auto maintenance specialists love imported trucks and SUV's, big or small! Whether it's just a way to get around
town (and help your friends move their stuff), or you love the feel of the highway under the wheels of your SUV, or, you're into off-road adventure, we've got the skills to take care of your vehicle!

Imported sport utility vehicles are so convenient in today's world.

That's why you want to make sure that convenience is there when you need it! Our auto maintenance specialists can keep your SUV up and running with our specialty care services that are specifically designed for SUV owners.

We love repairing and maintaining Toyotas, Subarus, Hondas, Mercedes, Nissan and the wide variety of imported SUV's on the market today. Come and see us in Anchorage, and we'll set you up with a program that will keep your imported SUV on the road and running strong!

Call us at (907) 562-0005 today! Or request an appointment online.

All Makes and Models

At Specialized Import Auto Service in Anchorage, AK we specialize in auto maintenance for Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan and most import makes and models of car, truck, or SUV. Whether you need your vehicle for work or fun, we can make sure it's ready for your next journey.

Best Auto Repair Anchorage

Soccer practice, play rehearsal, the commute to work every day; you rely on your import for a lot of things! Make sure you can keep relying on it with the auto maintenance services our mechanics provide here at Specialized Import Auto Service in Anchorage, AK. Our team of ASE certified technicians is ready to serve you every day!


Diagnosis of Issues

Sometimes you'll experience an issue with your vehicle that you can't quite put your finger on. At Specialized Import Auto Service, we've cultivated a reputation as Eagle River and Anchorage's diagnostic experts. We'll find out what the issue is and explain it to you. Then our auto maintenance experts will take care of it for you quickly and effectively to get you back on the road!

Factory Certified

At Specialized Import Auto Service, our mechanics are factory trained and ASE certified. When you need warranty service give us a call to discuss it, or when you just want to avoid the high prices that dealerships can cost, come and see us in Anchorage today! You'll be glad you did. We've been serving satisfied customers since 1988!